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Hello, all :D

I'm a noob, both to this community & livejournal in general (I used to blog at greatestjournal, though).

Anyway, these are some things that I find absolutely "hella fabulous"

1. Music: I can't stop listening to Amy Winehouse, Corinne Bailey Rae, Esmee Denters, and Rooney. A song worth checking out: Sebastien Tellier - La Ritournelle.
2. Media & entertainment: I love youtube, but I feel like there are so many other free media sources that have gone unnoticed, including:
old school nintendo games!
free LEGAL downloads (with a valid college email address)
free internet radio
this blog (amazing)
& improv comedy, in general.

3. Fashion: I'm definitely seeing a huge trend in
. I personally love colorblocking because it's so clean, vibrant, modern, and still classic. Plus I'm a huge fan of color. I'm also seeing a huge trend in lace.. but not like the Victorian style that has been around since the end of 2005.. I'm talking about a tough kind of lace, with a fresh & metallic feel and less of an antique quality. & hoops are back, and bolder than ever. In the spirit of summer, flowy sundresses are everywhere, in prints and cuts reminicient of Uli Herzner's designs in Season 3 of Project Runway.
4. Cosmetics: I love love love: MAC eyeshadows -- especially the limited edition gift palettes (my mom gets a discount at the company store), Lancome JuicyTubes, CO Bigelow gloss, MaxFactor waterproof mascara, Benefit SheLaq waterproof coating, Benefit Eyezing, Loreal Bronzer, SmashBox cream eyeliner, Sephora EyeDews
5. Skincare: I have a FOOLPROOF skincare regimen. Trust me on this one.. Remove all makeup; cleanse with a really gentle cleanser (Philosophy Purity is great, so is Elizabeth Arden's two-in-one cleanser), then use a toner/exfolient.. something with lactic acid is great because it's more gentle than salicylic acid. I use Philosophy MicroDelivery Peel Pads, but I used to use Clinique's clarifying lotion and that worked fine, too. Something from the drugstore that's really gentle will suffice. Then moisturize. I haven't found anything better than Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizer. It works wonders. Neutrogena makes a really good moisturizer, too, if you're on a budget. And finally -- if you have pimples, this is key -- use the weakest strength benzoyl peroxide you can find in the cosmetics aisle of your local drugstore. Make sure you put it on AFTER massaging lotion into your face (it lessens the drying effect); the benzoyl peroxide kills bacteria and prevents breakouts. It also dries out pimples more effectively than salicylic acid creams, and it's more gentle. It's also soooo important to wear sunscreen because skin products can make skin extra sensitive and susceptible to damage. And no one wants wrinkles :D
6. BarGAINS: Lastly, the thrifty, albeit more mature, side of me cannot help but thrive on bargains. I love bargain hunting.. and nothing is better for bargain hunting than A. Vintage stores, B. Outlet shopping, and C. Sample sales. I also love going through all of my mom's old stuff that she doesn't use anymore.. Pictures of my most recent finds (Oscar de la Renta & Prada shades, red patent peeptoes, vintage trenchcoat, Lucky Jeans linen tunic, Juicy Couture sweaterdress, and LOTS more!) are coming soon :D

PS. I tried to include as many pictures & links as possible. Hope you all enjoy.
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