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So it seems that this journal has been pretty dead lately. You all have such great taste in clothes, movies & music and I want to see what everyone is into lately!

I went shopping in Toronto with my best friend this weekend and I made some amazing buys. I pretty much blew my bank account, but it was definitely worth it. :)

American Eagle

Marc by Marc Jacobs - These purchases are pretty much what killed my bank account, but they were definitely worth it. ♥ It's hard to see, but the second shirt has really fine silver threading as well as buttons down the side.

Indigo - I'm going into biomedical sciences, so I figured I could get a sort of head start, haha. *nerd* This one is just to tide me over until I can get the huge CMA medical encyclopedia set.

Best Buy - I've been looking for this cd for two years and I've finally found it!

Hollister - ok, I'm not really a Hollister/Abercrombie type girl, but Chris dragged me in there and I'll admit, their tanks are really cute. So I bought some stuff, but it was a one time thing! The second shirt I bought in a pink/yellow/orange striped pattern. I also bought a few more camis, but I couldn't find pictures on the websites. :P


Old Navy - It's not my favourite, but it was only $7.99. That's hard to turn down. Mine is in a light brown colour though.

Soda Blu - I seriously love this jumper! It's hard to see, but it has really fine vertical stripes on it and two pockets at the sides. It's so super comfy and great to layer with things.

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