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Okay, I think I have an idea for a meme but I doubt it will go very far.

How many outfits in 10 minutes can you create?

Here's the deal, you have ten minutes to come up with as many fashionable outfits that you can. I know all of you are going to cheat but at least try to be reasonable about it. Tell us what you're wearing and where you got it, etc. But most importantly, make sure it reflects your style. That's the fun of it all!

Kick Ass vest is from Wet Seal, white and blue polka-dotted cami from Forever 21, necklace from Target (soo much love for that necklace! I just got it too) and jeans-beat-to-hell are from Abercrombie & Fitch

Coldplay shirt from their concert last year, denim vest from Old Navy, white corduroy pants from Kohl's (I think), silver belt from Old Navy and that black necklace is from GoodWill. :)

White ruffled shirt is from....oh shit, I can't even remember. That store next to Charlotte Russe or something...maybe it was Rampage?! Khaki pants from Abercrombie & Fitch and gold braided belt from Old Navy.

Striped hoodie shirt thing from American Eagle, sparkly sequences tank from Old Navy and same old beat-to-hell Abercrombie jeans. I made the necklace and the earrings are a gift from elethoniel so, I am guessing you can only find them in England. :P

Okay, so yeah, if you want to participate in this meme that would be awesome. :) I would love to see your style and where you draw your inspiration from and all that.
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