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Thursday is Hella Fabulous in SF [November 12th, 2007]

William Good Swan DressNext Thursday, William Good clothing and accessories will go on sale online at www.shopwilliamgood.com. If you’re in San Francisco, they're also opening a fab William Good area in Goodwill’s Fillmore Street store in San Francisco.

Come celebrate!

WHEN: Thursday November 15th, 2007, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

WHERE: 1669 Fillmore Street at Post, San Francisco

Come hang out with other hella fabulous fashionistas, have first pick of the merchandise and see a performance by the Phat Barbies. Paid parking is available at the Japan Center on Fillmore & Geary. RSVP's appreciated but not required - call 415.925.0212 for questions and RSVP's.

Here's some info about the William Good Line:

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[October 7th, 2007]

Has anyone had a chance to see The Darjeerling Limited yet? I predict another Wes Anderson gem.
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fashion: varsity prep [August 28th, 2007]

[ mood | cheerful ]

I think what I'm most excited about for this fall is the varsity prep look as seen on the Balenciaga runway. I've always liked stripes, blazers, oxford shirts, and khaki pants, and I find it really interesting how they've accessorized their outfits with ethnic scarves.

Runway looksCollapse )

Real looksCollapse )

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http://images.saksfifthavenue.com/images/products/04/753/5578/0475355781926/0475355781926_275x275.jp [June 14th, 2007]

Hello, all :D

I'm a noob, both to this community & livejournal in general (I used to blog at greatestjournal, though).

Anyway, these are some things that I find absolutely "hella fabulous"

1. Music: I can't stop listening to Amy Winehouse, Corinne Bailey Rae, Esmee Denters, and Rooney. A song worth checking out: Sebastien Tellier - La Ritournelle.
2. Media & entertainment: I love youtube, but I feel like there are so many other free media sources that have gone unnoticed, including:
old school nintendo games!
free LEGAL downloads (with a valid college email address)
free internet radio
this blog (amazing)
& improv comedy, in general.

3. Fashion: I'm definitely seeing a huge trend in colorblockingCollapse ) I personally love colorblocking because it's so clean, vibrant, modern, and still classic. Plus I'm a huge fan of color. I'm also seeing a huge trend in lace.. but not like the Victorian style that has been around since the end of 2005.. I'm talking about a tough kind of lace, with a fresh & metallic feel and less of an antique quality. & hoops are back, and bolder than ever. In the spirit of summer, flowy sundresses are everywhere, in prints and cuts reminicient of Uli Herzner's designs in Season 3 of Project Runway.
4. Cosmetics: I love love love: MAC eyeshadows -- especially the limited edition gift palettes (my mom gets a discount at the company store), Lancome JuicyTubes, CO Bigelow gloss, MaxFactor waterproof mascara, Benefit SheLaq waterproof coating, Benefit Eyezing, Loreal Bronzer, SmashBox cream eyeliner, Sephora EyeDews
5. Skincare: I have a FOOLPROOF skincare regimen. Trust me on this one.. Remove all makeup; cleanse with a really gentle cleanser (Philosophy Purity is great, so is Elizabeth Arden's two-in-one cleanser), then use a toner/exfolient.. something with lactic acid is great because it's more gentle than salicylic acid. I use Philosophy MicroDelivery Peel Pads, but I used to use Clinique's clarifying lotion and that worked fine, too. Something from the drugstore that's really gentle will suffice. Then moisturize. I haven't found anything better than Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizer. It works wonders. Neutrogena makes a really good moisturizer, too, if you're on a budget. And finally -- if you have pimples, this is key -- use the weakest strength benzoyl peroxide you can find in the cosmetics aisle of your local drugstore. Make sure you put it on AFTER massaging lotion into your face (it lessens the drying effect); the benzoyl peroxide kills bacteria and prevents breakouts. It also dries out pimples more effectively than salicylic acid creams, and it's more gentle. It's also soooo important to wear sunscreen because skin products can make skin extra sensitive and susceptible to damage. And no one wants wrinkles :D
6. BarGAINS: Lastly, the thrifty, albeit more mature, side of me cannot help but thrive on bargains. I love bargain hunting.. and nothing is better for bargain hunting than A. Vintage stores, B. Outlet shopping, and C. Sample sales. I also love going through all of my mom's old stuff that she doesn't use anymore.. Pictures of my most recent finds (Oscar de la Renta & Prada shades, red patent peeptoes, vintage trenchcoat, Lucky Jeans linen tunic, Juicy Couture sweaterdress, and LOTS more!) are coming soon :D

PS. I tried to include as many pictures & links as possible. Hope you all enjoy.
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[April 4th, 2007]

Hi! I'm Christine. I am seventeen years of age from Toronto and procrastinating from doing an english assignment. I joined a little while ago but promptly forgot that I did so. Here are a few things that I think are fabCollapse )
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[February 5th, 2007]

[ mood | calm ]

So it seems that this journal has been pretty dead lately. You all have such great taste in clothes, movies & music and I want to see what everyone is into lately!

I went shopping in Toronto with my best friend this weekend and I made some amazing buys. I pretty much blew my bank account, but it was definitely worth it. :)

What I bought...Collapse )

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Una pregunta [October 16th, 2006]


I have a silly question, but y'all are hella fab, so maybe you can help me ;)

Where can I buy just regular, plain, long-sleeved henleys? I'd like to buy some in a few different colors, but I only ever find them in a weird sheer material or patterned.

I just want the basics.


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[October 4th, 2006]

[ mood | bored ]

So, just out of curiousity, who are your favourite models?

Favourite designers??

I'll edit mine into this post as the day goes on. Classes and all that jazz.

male modelsCollapse )

female modelsCollapse )

designersCollapse )


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[September 1st, 2006]

[ mood | bouncy ]

I have a spare morning on my hands (since I got up at the crack of dawn to go and buy these plastic crates, which are fab for dorm rooms and the like), so I've come bearing songs by two artists who you've probably never heard of.

Xavier Rudd

Xavier is an Australian-Canadian roots/folk rock/world music artist. I don't expect many of you to like him all that much, but I'm obsessed! His songs are mostly about the environment, humanity, and spirituality and I just love his lyrics. ♥ These here would have to be my favourite:

Well I guess I should say, this is all that I need: music and you, and the air that I breath. And I guess I should say, these feelings we have come out from the storm, make you just wanna dance. And I guess I should say, we are lucky today and cheers my friends for the vibes you bring. And I guess I should say, this is all that I need: music and you and the gift of the trees. And I'm disgusted at times, by things that I see, like mountains with holes, where trees used to be. And I'm disgraced here and there - when I look to the sea, all the pollution we feed her - and some comes from me. And I guess I should say, this is all that I need: music and you and the gift from the trees.

If you want to give him a try, here are some of my favourite songs:

Let Me Be

Ben Somer

Ben is a 20-year-old singer-songwriter from Hamilton, Ontario. I know him through Camp Wanakita, where we're both counsellors. So maybe I'm a bit biased, but I really like his music. It's really laid back and acoustic, and totally personal to him. And they all remind me of summer nights sitting by the campfire and listening to him play. ♥ He plays a lot of shows at local clubs and lounges, although I've yet to see him play at one. He's also released a compilation of songs by Canadian artists to benefit Reach for the Rainbow, which is just a charity to send disabled kids to camp. It's really cute because you always see him walking around Wanakita with a special needs child and they inspired him to make the cd.

So anyways, enough pimping Ben. If you like Teitur, Ben Harper, or Joshua Radin but with a bit more of a raw sound, you'll probably like Ben. If you want to check him out, download these songs:

Silent Strides
When it Rains it Pours

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[August 29th, 2006]

[ mood | curious ]

Sooo, any new things catching your fancy at the moment? A type of clothing style, any clothes in general, a band, a movie, a book, a community, or anything of the like?

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[August 9th, 2006]
Okay. Visited Urban Outfitters the other day and I am really curious to what you all think of the apparent trend involving suspenders.

To be honest, I don't really understand it. It's cute in theory but in reality I fear that there are um ... a couple of problems, if you catch my drift.
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[August 5th, 2006]

I know this is silly, but I think short overalls are coming back in style and I am stoked.

I love overalls. Too bad I donated all of my old ones (with tears in my eyes, of course) four or so years ago.

I look awesome in overalls :P

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[July 27th, 2006]

[ mood | amused ]

Okay, I think I have an idea for a meme but I doubt it will go very far.

How many outfits in 10 minutes can you create?

Here's the deal, you have ten minutes to come up with as many fashionable outfits that you can. I know all of you are going to cheat but at least try to be reasonable about it. Tell us what you're wearing and where you got it, etc. But most importantly, make sure it reflects your style. That's the fun of it all!

I think I was able to get about four since I had some trouble with those white pants :PCollapse )

Okay, so yeah, if you want to participate in this meme that would be awesome. :) I would love to see your style and where you draw your inspiration from and all that.
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[July 27th, 2006]

I hate to see communities die, so I just wanted to say that I want to buy those plaid-ish shorts that are currently in style.

They look so comfy.

And that's it.

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My Style!! [May 22nd, 2006]

[ mood | busy ]

Okay, this is like the fourth time I have tried to post this but something always came up before I could finish. So. Hopefully the 4th time is the charm.

My style is a bit...all over the place. I had a bitch of a time trying to find pictures of it and how exactly to describe it. My music really affects my style mainly but I also am always trying to keep comfort in mind because I cannot stand those tight clothes with spandex, etc. I like to breathe, kthnx. So, right, my style?

Boho-Indie Style

don't listen to the radio, listen to something you all ready knowCollapse )

So, yeah. That's basically me in a bunch of random internet pictures. :)
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Mod Post//Challenge [May 20th, 2006]

[ mood | anxious ]

HELLO hella_fabulous MEMBERS!!

Yes, I have been an awful mod and have done nothing to further this community in months D: I'm sorry my dears, but I have finally broke down and brought some treats for this community to get up and running again (honestly, I'm just gonna BS this entire post because I have come with nothing prepared beforehand XD!)

First off, welcome to all the new members! Sorry this community probably wasn't what you expected it to be, but with everyone's help, I hope to get this community up and active again! XD

All right, lets see... I'm into azn everything at the moment as most of you apart of this community know. And for quite a while now I've been totally digging Japanese Street Fashion. I got CUTiE magazine last month and here are some scans of some outfits that I took a liking too. I could never pull them off though because I'm not a) Asian b) short and skinny (well I am short :\) c) cute D:

I could scan more, but I'm feel le lazy ^^ Also, if you want to check out some unique/awesome Japanese fashion I suggest checking out: Tokyo Street Style. They have loads of pictures and some with really cute boys!!

So, here is the challenge: I want you to post some pictures of your favourite type of style whether it be street punk, boho, FRUiTS (^^) etc... I doesn't have to have a certian amount of pictures and you can pretty talk about why you like that type of fashion, etc. Link would be nice too! :)

I'm looking forward for your posts, so get it to!! XD
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A few things... [March 14th, 2006]

[ mood | indifferent ]

Just a few things I'm loving right now:


Skirt from Target only $17!

Denim shorts from Old Navy

Sadly, I couldn't find anything at Urban Outfitters. Shocking, I know.



She Waits For Me

White Rose Movement



Captian Oats Music Blog

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[March 11th, 2006]

I bought this from OldNavy.Com, but haven't received it yet. Hopefully, it'll work out. I worried that it may be one of those shirts that make you look pregnant [fingers crossed], but at least it was on sale if it does turn out poorly, haha.

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Uh, hello? [January 13th, 2006]

All right you lot.

Give me anything. Post your favourite new whatever. Can be anything shoes to food.

Just need to get you guys posting again.

Me personally?


The Others are this great new indie brit rock band. Like The Violent Femmes meets The Rakes. You can hear their stuff on myspace: http://www.myspace.com/theothersuk

The Films are a band I have recced a few times on my LJ. Mainly their song "Black Shoes". You can hear their stuff on myspace: http://www.myspace.com/thefilms

And of course The Rakes.

I don't care who you are or what music you like you need to listen to this band. They are amazing and my favourite band right now. They basically exploded in Britian over the last few months and their CD is amazing. Just amazing. If you want to listen to them and don't have anyway of doing so, hit me up and I will upload you everything. I have everything from b-sides to remixes.

Untutored Youth -- The Hives
Lost In A Melody -- Delays
I have more but I can't be arsed. I am sorry. But maybe check out this new music community me and my friend are making in a couple of days. :) irecs



Hell, I think I am just going to go ahead and buy it right now. :P

It's Urban Outfitters. I suggest you all take a look because their new season is in right now and it is brilliant. As always. And my mom swears I look JUST like the girl on the front, with the black and white striped shirt.


I am beyond psyched about Global Bizarre back in Target. You have no idea how much I freaked when I saw the whole collection back. I even called my Mom and I never call my Mom. So we are keeping an eye on Target because in a couple of weeks everything will be 50% off and that is when chaos erupts. I am not even joking when I say I re-did my entire room this time last year for under $270 dollars with this fucking amazing sale.

Okay I am going to go to sleep now. :)
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[December 30th, 2005]

[ mood | drained ]

Did you guys get anything fabulous over the holidays?

Also, what do you guys think of skirts and leg warmers or the new trend of spandex leggings under a skirt?

Like that but not so...over done. And maybe a denim skirt instead of cotton...dunno.

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